Sarah Matuszewski

Sarah Matuszewski is a multidisciplinary illustrator and artist living and working in Ludwigsburg, Germany.
She graduated from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund in 2012 with a diploma degree in communication design.
Since 2014 she works as a full-time illustrator for international clients.
Sarah’s style is not restricted to only one aesthetic. Her artistic universe is made of realistic elements, surreal characters or crazy urban situations.
In her drawings, she often mixes up her different styles as she sees fit.

Size: 67 x 97 cm
Composition: 100% Silk
Care: Avoid contact with chemicals, and entrust them to a cleaning professional
Shipping: This limited edition of 25 items is produced in Barcelona upon purchase. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery
Artist: Sarah Matuszewski
Hand stitched, made in Spain

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